But. recently, something happened for the first time in all these 62 years that I cannot explain. I committed to representing a client at an important event, and completely forgot to show up. How did that happen? No explanation. No excuses. I just forgot, starting with not putting it on my calendar! No shifting of blame. That’s the way I explained it to the Client, who graciously accepted my apology. Lesson – build trusting relationships with the people you work with. And be honest above all else. Don’t ever "pass the buck" and "shift the blame". We are all human.

I look upon this one-time stumble as a learning opportunity. It is always a good idea to take the time to review how you get organized for marketing, PR, Advertising and Promotion work. It can become easy to take your eye off the ball if you don’t stay organized and focused.




When you start a project, begin with the delivery date.

Create an action calendar by working backwards and fill in all pertinent deadlines.

Keep an appointment book and update it daily. Check it at the end of each day.

Make sure everyone you involve in the project knows what they are responsible for.

Stay on top of every aspect of the outcome.

Note dates of undone tasks. Do what you must do when you must do it.

Put project checkpoints in writing and share with the team.

Figure out who everyone on the team is, and what roles they play.


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