I answered the phone one day recently, and it was my grandson Jack from Boston. He just wanted to know how I was doing and share some good news in his life. Jack is 28, a college graduate, and he works in a job he loves. He consults with software engineers and helps them with input about his company’s product line. He had just been recognized by his employer for his outstanding sales record, an award-winning quarter.

He also thanked me for some advice I had given him early in his career. I told him to take the money out of the equation if he is considering a job opportunity.

Find work that fills your day with passion, pursue it, and keep learning and improving. The money will follow. Nothing is more gratifying than wanting to get to the office or other workplace and take on the next challenge.

I mention this to you, Mosel reader, so you can share the same advice with someone else. If you are well into your career, give the same advice to a younger colleague. I promise you it will be appreciated.

I was blessed in life with seven grandchildren. One is no longer with us, but five of the other six are college graduates, and the other one has two years to go. All are headed toward a life of success and satisfaction.

All have one proud Grandpa!

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