Example – there is a nice two-page spread in the September 19th issue about one of my favorite topics, brand, and brand loyalty. The article is authored by a bright young woman named Paige O’Neill, CMO of Sitecore, an AdAge publishing partner.

Times are tougher these days. Research shows that consumers are more “transactional”, easily swayed from brand loyalty by pricing. But companies fighting for brand loyalty still have a reasonable chance if they pay attention to actions that relate to the values that connect consumers to you and your business.

Which brings us to our headline words…


Present yourself in a manner that involves empathy, understanding and representation of consumer beliefs. Eight of ten consumers polled say brands build stronger relationships with consumers through actions that exemplify sympathy and understanding.


You need to communicate clearly and openly about topics like values, or practical matters like price increases. Align your values with those of the consumer. Another winning formula shows loyalty to products from minority-owned businesses.


People who shop know how they want to be treated. Find out what that is through research and be consistent in the way you treat people. Stay focused on customer data. Pay attention to what customers are telling you through their interactions with you.

There is hope for all of us.


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