Early advertising focused on Children’s TV with a simple message – “Look for the Golden Arches”. Who could deny the pleas of a child yelling “Mommy, Daddy – the Golden Arches” from the back seat of a car? I think we all know what happened to McDonald’s. I was fortunate to have a working relationship, domestically and internationally, with McDonald’s for over 25 years of my career.

Now for a recent case history. My client, Steve Goodhue, Edward Jones, asked for an idea to use at his booth at the annual Myerstown Block Party, that would connect his local Edward Jones office to the Community. He did not just want to “hand out literature” at his booth.

The solution – Let children create their original Myerstown-themed art on canvases and paints that Steve supplied.

Families loved it. And 4 years later, they tell us “My child looks forward to this every year”. What started with one table is now three tables with children creating original art to everyone’s delight. A professional artist (Katie Trainor) helps the children and creates a large painting of her own at the booth each year. Katie’s large canvas is an auction item at the annual Myerstown-Elco Rotary Club Auction. An idea from 4 years ago is now a Myerstown Block Party tradition.

Key marketing lesson – Don’t just “give away something” but get your business into the conversation at home. Children are an important part of the family. Do something nice for them as part of your marketing strategy. It is not an accident that many new families in Myerstown choose Steve Goodhue and the local Edward Jones office for superior financial advice.

Wishing you, your family, and the children a Happy Holiday season!

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