The marketing rationale for doing this is obvious. People like to do business with people they know and respect. But it can’t stop there. The worst thing you can do is to get involved in your community because it makes marketing sense. At its core, your decision must reflect a strategy that unleashes your passion to help others.

For example. Right now, in addition to some paid projects, I am involved in several projects that help causes I believe in –

Anne Fund Sports Memorabilia Annual Auction - that raises funds to help local kids and families touched by cancer. I have helped this cause for the last dozen of the 24 years it has been happening. To date, it has raised about $400,000.

Flags for Heroes - run by Myerstown-Elco Rotary, raises funds that benefit local community entities that aid first responders and other entities that help the community. After seven years, we will have a special Opening Ceremony with the help of our friends at Myerstown VFW on May 25th,

The Compeer Warrior Run - helps Compeer serve veterans needing friendship and improved mental health, a very worthy cause. Compeer also finds sponsors to serve a free breakfast that brings local veterans together in camaraderie and friendship,

Does this “tactic” help my “brand” as a business that cares? Of course, that is a secondary reason for being “one of the good guys.” It must start with a real dedication to helping others.

This month, I celebrate my 25th year as a one-man (by design) marketing firm, following many years of working with the “big boys” in large-size agencies and corporations.

Feeling blessed, thank you.  

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