The most common sales technique was to be aggressive, get to the point, and sell the other party on the idea that your proposed solution would be the best way to solve your problem. It made sense, right?

But there is another approach that I experienced watching my colleagues in Japan when I worked there for five years…when you meet for the first time, NEVER SPEAK FIRST. Let the other guy (or team) make the first move and allow you to access the opponent’s strategy and gain an advantage in the negotiation.

It never failed to impress me when the Japanese team found out when the Americans planned to return home. They would string out the process. until the end, then drop the hammer and take them to the airport. The Americans either had to concede or go home empty-handed. My long-term stay kept me immune from this tactic.

Both approaches work, depending on your comfort level. In both cases, you have to do your homework and clearly understand what you are selling as a solution to the prospect or customer’s problem. You must relate your product or service to the proper solution.

Unrelated to this topic, my Morsel template has changed, placing more emphasis on Community Involvement as an essential marketing strategy. We will take a deeper dive into that topic for the March Morel.

In the meantime, may February be filled with sweetheart deals for your business!

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