The idea, which has a record of success, encourages you to think about a potential promotional partner who shares the same demographic you do and is in a non-competitive business. One partner’s product becomes the premium for the promotional campaign.

Let me take you back to 1975 when the idea took shape. McDonald’s was introducing breakfast as a daypart. And Gillette was introducing a new product, the Good News disposable razor. Both products shared the same target audience, men 18-34, and both were motivated to achieve product trial. The marriage worked. After a successful regional trial, the campaign rolled out nationally with sales of twenty-three million breakfast entrees, one razor per entrée…a lot of trial!

I share this not to brag that the campaign won McDonald’s very first National Marketing Achievement Award (well maybe some bragging), but to instill in you, dear Morsel reader, that there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

Look around and find a logical partner to “marry.” Your criteria – a shared target audience and a chance to satisfy two needs with one campaign. You can do it!

Or your business could be a “platform” and bring two parties together. One party needs a place to stay. The other party has a place to rent. And Airbnb is born as the platform. Or Uber finds my ride. Or Amazon delivers my cat litter. You get the idea.

Happy summer…bust it out in June!

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