It hits the mark and connects to the audience in an unusual and satisfying way.

EXAMPLE - Here’s a procedure I use that gives “yes!” a better chance. I write a monthly series of articles series for a local on-line resource, which profiles people in theater and the arts. The latest one hit over 275 likes on the subject’s Facebook page in the first days after publication.

  • Prepare as a team exercise – Plan ahead. Give the interviewee “homework” by providing him/her with detailed questions that will spur reader interest.
  • Sit down interview – Review the “homework” and collect other background.
  • Collect related photos/videos – Visuals always enhance the article.
  • Write in a reader-focused style – You are profiling an interesting person. Bring him/her to life so the reader accompanies you on the journey.
  • Put on your “editor hat” Word efficiency rules. There is always a way to say the same thing in fewer words. We are all busy. Keep the good stuff and say it succinctly.
  • Encourage feedback – Learn from the experience. Take comments to heart. It helps you do your best work each time. Listening, to me, is the most underrated of the four basic communications skills (reading, writing, speaking are the others). Ever take a course in listening? Me either.

BOTTOM LINE – This is related to a timeless four-part process I still find useful when attacking a project – 1. Know your prime prospect; 2. Know your prime prospect’s problem; 3. Know your product (or service); 4. Break the boredom barrier.

Give yourself an early Holiday gift…get your “yes!” on more often when you do a project.

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