This month I’m changing it up with a real example of a Client project (described here with permission). The client is Christman’s Funeral Home, Lebanon.

Every one of us is a “prospect”. But how do we choose who gets the business? Family traditions come in to play of course. But what else affects your thinking?

Bottom line – You want to be comfortable with your choice, and trust that your Supervisor is approachable, a good listener, and has the professional skills to handle every detail of the service.

Christman’s owner Greg Vaitl has all these qualities, so the marketing thrust is to focus on Greg as the “face of the franchise”. Check out the three videos in the separate attachment to see this objective come to life.

It’s also important that we as potential customers have a feeling that we are dealing with someone who totally understands the nuances of grief and the stress associated with this important decision. There is a question all grieving families ask in that situation. It is “What do I do next?” The answer comforts us that the burden of dealing with every detail is lifted, thanks to the expertise of Greg and his team.

It’s also important that all communication be consistent in look, tone and manner throughout all media, including website, social media, print, direct marketing, and broadcast. The strategy is called Integrated Marketing Communications. It’s how marketing is done effectively in the 21st century. It’s a pleasure working with a professional like Greg. He understands the importance of IMC too.

And a word to competitors. Please don’t use “What do I do next?”. It’s copyrighted.


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