Example - My client at the time, McDonald’s Restaurants of New England had just introduced breakfast as new day part. Target audience - Men 18-34. At the same time, local Boston company Gillette introduced a new product - the Gillette Good News Disposable Razor. Target Audience - Men 18-34. A match made in marketing heaven - Free Good News with McDonald’s = a free disposal razor with every breakfast entrée purchase.

We negotiated the deal for a fall promotion test, resulting in a National Promotion in the spring. Results? 23 million razors distributed at McDonald’s, which became the number one breakfast restaurant in America as a result. I was awarded McDonald’s first ever Marketing Achievement Award at the 1975 National Agency Convention as a result. Still proud to this day.

Fast forward to present day. Here is a headline and sub-headline in the February 13, 2023 issue of Ad Age Magazine, page 10 - “Inside the Super Bowl’s hottest ad trend - brand partnerships. Netflix joined forces with Michelob Ultra as Molson Coors hooked up with Draft Kings”. The article was written by reporter Adrieanne Pasquarelli. Read it.

There are many examples of history repeating itself out there. This is just one of them. Pardon my pride in writing about today’s hottest ad trend. A good idea is still a good idea. Age is just a number.

By the way, I’m still working!

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