Meaningful, because it puts your brain in a perspective to understand how the people most important to your business behave as they approach a decision to deal with you. Ask yourself – what are they thinking as they weigh options to make a purchase, and what leads them to decide it’s your product or service that satisfies their need. When you have this understanding, the next step is to communicate all your messages in those terms (e.g. I understand what you need and I specifically have it for you).

There are many basic reasons why consumers buy – they reinforce their own self-concepts; they need to maintain their lifestyle; they seek acceptance by a group; or perhaps they want to express their cultural identity.

Whatever the need, research and find it, then make sure you deal with them in a way that says to them “You make me feel welcome, important and comfortable; and you listen to me. I like you because you speak directly to my needs”.

Doing a marketing plan is an important way to get your business ready to compete and thrive. And it always starts with understanding your customer, his or her problem and the effort you put in to communicate clearly from a reader or view focus.

It’s June…so bust out all over with a new sensitivity to how people behave.  


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