This month the message is different. Like all of you, I’m trying to figure out how to balance “business as usual” with an eye on the news, hoping to hear that a vaccine is developed and we can really get back to life as we knew it.

The old toolbox is not my “go to” resource these days. Day to day working life is networking on Zoom, wearing a mask everywhere you go, while keeping things moving in the right direction, safely.

I feel luckier than most. My business is still alive and well, thanks to projects that involve writing for the most part. It’s what

I do…(right now, for example – several magazine and newspaper articles, radio scripts,a couple of promotional videos, a contest video, news releases, a script for an online workshop, and a lengthy print piece).

So…one small morsel message this month. Do not risk investing funds into anything that involves a public event until the vaccine is real and the actual all clear is sounded. If you must do the event, figure out a way to make it virtual.

There are ways we can still communicate…so focus on social media, zoom, nd the written word, placed where you have a chance to get a reader, listener or viewer’s attention. And when your brain is on…keep it market focused. Always put yourself in the other guys’ shoes and keep the dialogue alive for good business.

At its core, marketing is conversation (thanks Cluetrain Manefesto for that one). We can still do that at a social distance until this thing blows over. Please stay safe in the meantime.


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