I happen to be a big fan of Purpose Driven Marketing. There is a higher purpose built into your business model. One of my favorite examples is Tom’s Shoes (Tom stands for “tomorrow”). For every pair of canvas shoes they sell, they give away a pair of canvas shoes to a child in need in a third world country. Tom’s arranges for customers to travel with their shoe ambassadors and actually distribute the shoes to the children.

So if people here are in the market for a new pair of Canvas shoes, where do they buy them? Tom’s is marketing for the purpose, but they are successfully marketing too.

Of course, most of us don’t build a cause into every product or service we sell. But we can build a sense of purpose into our own business model. Make sure you are involved in good causes for your community. Be involved as you can afford it, with both time and treasure. Do things for your church. Be active in a service club or a business association you believe in. You rub elbows with some great caring people.

Does this lead to additional business?

Very likely yes. But it has to start with your true belief that giving back is built into your DNA. That driven purpose will take care of business as you live life as a team player


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