Now think of fond memories that are easily remembered in detail.

Is there a common thread at work? Your first pet? Best friend? Family gatherings?

One of mine is a first job, delivering the Brooklyn Eagle at age 11, in my birthplace, Brooklyn, NY. In retrospect it was an amazing first experience. I became an entrepreneur at an early age, and learned important lessons like Customer Service, Money Management, Sales Techniques, and New Business Development. Many decades later I still apply these skills in my professional life.

I also find that recollections based on my lifelong love of the game of baseball trigger very detailed memories. Many emotions rise to the surface time and time again when the thought process kicks into something based on passion.

So how do you improve your ability to create marketing messages when they are based on discovery of an emotion? I’m proud of a recent example – I wrote an article about an on-going charity – building wells for poor communities in El Salvador, funded by the Myerstown-Elco Rotary Club. A woman came to her community’s new well and wept with joy. “My children no longer have to carry water. Now they can go to school”. This touching story inspired my headline, which drew praise from the Rotarians – “Myerstown Rotary Discovers a Well is More Than Just a Hole in the Ground”.

My point – When creating marketing messages, always strive to find an emotional connection to the subject you’re writing about. It’s a sure way to pull the reader or viewer into the message.

It’s not always easy, but the topic interests me enough to keep working on it.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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