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Full disclosure. I’ve been labeling my Monthly Marketing Morsels as a Newsletter, since I started writing them in 2013.

Finally,…the dawn! The Marketing Morsels have been Blogs right from the beginning.

A newsletter is a printed report of company news, personnel updates, and other related internal stuff. Since I’m a one-man company, I can only share personnel news when I promote my administrative assistant, Maila the Cat, who blocks my computer screen when I try to work.

A Blog is a sharing of knowledge and experience. I enjoy doing this and I’m thankful for all the positive feedback I get. It’s also a personal letter to you once a month. I see many of you out and about in the community, or when I interact on Facebook with former co-workers from all over the world (several in Hong Kong come to mind immediately). Having friends is a blessing.

So, what good is a blog anyway? Where does it fit into a marketing strategy?

I look at it as an important branding tool. It is an avenue of expression of your professional acumen, which in turn can lead to dialogue with both clients and prospects about working together on a project or a full campaign,

A good blog has growth potential too. It can turn into a series, which can become a book. At the very least, it becomes a section of your website which brings visitors into the forum who are seeking new and useful information.

One of my favorite all-time business books, The Cluetrain Manifesto (go ahead, Google it), clearly points out the value of the way we share information via the internet. The simple phrase “Markets are conversations” still sticks with me.

Blogs, in my humble opinion, are a great way to present the conversations that the Cluetrain team of authors - Rick Levine, Chris Locke, Don Searis and David Weinberger are talking about.

Happy October everyone!


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