Marketing Morsel - November 2017

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A lifelong student of the game reflects on relationships to marketing. Inspiration – the time of year when the Fall Classic takes center stage.

1. Target Audience – the fans. You have to attract them to the ballpark. So you better have a team that interests them. That means understanding what they are looking for and providing a group of players that get them involved and motivated.

2. Goals and Objectives – What do you want to accomplish? What kind of a team do you need to assemble to beat the competition? Speed? Power? Superior pitching? Your goal of course is to be the best.

3. Plan elements – In marketing terms we call it a SWOT Analysis – what are our strengths and how can we build on them? Weaknesses? What positions are weak and what do we do about it? Opportunities – build your fan base and your revenue. Threats – all the other teams. What do you do to beat them?

4. Leadership – It starts with the CEO and trickles down to the GM and the Manager. All of them work together to create the Mission and bring it to life on the field and in the clubhouse. Leadership creates a team that meshes into a focused machine.

5. Strategy – Every game presents challenges and decisions that must be made from the start to the finish of every game. This takes knowledge and experience.

6. Tactics – Grows from strategy. You have to know what works and what doesn’t based on the strengths of your team.

7. Controls – Assess your situation as the season progresses. Be prepared to adjust as you go. Keep your mind open and your antennae up. Your competitive environment is always changing.

It’s never good to strike out, unless it teaches you something. Always look to improve. Winning begins with attitude.  


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