Marketing Morsel - May 2016

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Ok. We’re in business, and intend to stay in business.

That means you reach your anniversary every year. So how can you turn this inevitable event into a marketing opportunity? Because of a recent project helping a client, I did some homework and share some thinking with you as you contemplate your next one. This is your May Morsel advice.

I found these five planning tips in an article recently published on (one of my “go to” idea resources.) I’ve added my input to them:

1. Give Something Back – You are celebrating your success. It could not have happened without the people you do business with, and the community where you are headquartered. This is a good time to find a local profit or charity organization, and make a donation as a “thank you” to your constituents and your community.

2. Create a time-sensitive experience – Special offers with a deadline separate the promotion strategy from the advertising strategy. This thinking belongs in your anniversary marketing plan.

3. Entertain your audience – This direction is especially true if you have a retail location. Drawings, Family entertainment, maybe a remote radio remote, should all go into your thinking. You are not only staging an event, you’re enhancing your reputation.

4. Leave a legacy – Never forget you are part of a broader business community. Plant a tree, donate a bench, or sponsor a little league team. Create a lasting connection between you are your neighbors.

5. Throw a different kind of a party – This builds on tip number 3. Let your customers enjoy surprises. Include your employees and staff in the fun. Make sure they are fully briefed…and thanked as well.

So – whenever it happens – Happy Anniversary… and make it a marketing success!

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