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It is March. I am Irish. So, I get to talk about something I really enjoy focusing on – The Tag Line. No business worth its salt should be without one.

The tag line is short sentence or phrase that captures the reader’s (or listener or viewer’s) attention, and it is immediately clear what your company means to the audience it seeks love from. You don’t have a tagline? Now’s the time, as Nike would say, to Just do it. This great line has nothing to do with shoes, and everything to do with why they connect with their audience.

Go ahead. Start with some brainstorm questions – How do you help people? Who are they? Why are you different from your competition?

Keep it short and simple. If you go over 8 words, trash It, and start over. Like a good neighbor State Farm is there, just made it under the gun.

I was proud to work on Mayor Capello’s marketing and vision committee a few years ago and develop the line Lebanon the Place to Grow (i.e., grow your family, your business, your education, etc.). It is still in use.

Just this month, Community Homes of Lebanon County, recognizing a need to provide more safe and affordable housing to a broader than just seniors market, including the disabled and other people who need help, are launching a fundraising campaign to build new local housing. Their mission in three words – Compassionate Housing Solutions.

Christman’s Funeral Home, operating in a market filled with high quality competitors, states its way of working with the families it serves with a three-word tagline The Perfect Farewell.

The point – you do not have to be a giant to have your own tagline. So, if you do not have one, make it a March project. Heck, even a tiny (but experienced) marketing company like SkyLimit Marketing continues to prosper with its tagline We Plan. I Write. You win.

Erin Go Bragh y’all.

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