Marketing Morsel - March 2020

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You, the reader, are in business, just like me. There are times you are faced with the reality of changing something in order to keep from going stale and predictable, and to keep ahead of the curve in your industry.

What you need to avoid, in all cases, is to make changes that confuse or upset the customers you have so carefully nurtured and served over the years.

Keyword – dialogue. Share your thinking with key constituents and listen objectively to their responses.

Do not underestimate the importance of listening to what they have to say. You will likely learn something new from them.

I read in a recent issue of Ad Age Magazine that Ford tapped into a group of Brand fans of the legendary Ford Mustang before rolling out the Mustang Mach-E – the first crossover electric vehicle in the brand’s 55-year history. Groups of Mustang club members were flown to Detroit to get the inside scoop on the revolutionary new Mustang model. It was a good move. One owner observed “People have to embrace the move more away from the internal combustion engine. Embracing it in an electric Mustang is better than embracing it in no Mustang.

This thinking also applies if you are updating or introducing a new logo or tagline for your business. You should not just “come up with something” (as brilliant as you think it is) and just roll it out. You are better off developing some choices and get input and votes from key members of your target audience.

Love the inclusion of dialogue in your development process. It always loves you back.

March on Morsel readers. And keep the two-way communication active.


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