Marketing Morsel - July 2020

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I’m making the assumption for this month’s Marketing Morsel that your business is getting ready to return to normal (sort of). Or maybe you just re-opened.

In either case, a marketing tool you should be ready to use is the NEWS RELEASE.

So the topic of our July Morel is NEWS RELEASE TIPS.

  • First – the header is important. Many businesses use the Press Release header. I always say “News”. “Press” is passive. “News” is active and urgent.
  • Write your news to get the attention of the target audience – the reporter. You are not paying for publication or broadcast of your message. Get the reporter’s attention, starting with a headline that grabs attention.
  • If your release is chosen for action and follow up (from among the hundreds of daily choices), the reporter may choose to run your story “as is”, use it as a reference for his or her own version, or initiate a follow up for an interview. In all of these cases, your release has succeeded.
  • If you insist that the message be published as written, you will have to pay for advertising time or space.
  • Well-crafted writing is important. If it hits the streets or airwaves, it becomes a third party endorsement of your business. Priceless.
  • Reporters are busy people. Be brief. Re-read your work before sending it out and ask yourself “Can I say this in fewer words?” You usually can.
  • Whenever possible, send the release with at least one photo. It increases your chance of publication.
  • Take the time to build relationships with the media community. They appreciate knowing that you care about their needs.

Hope you all go forth this July!


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