Marketing Morsel - July 2017

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It’s eye-opening. You can sail along for a long time and suddenly it happens. You realize you have a talent that is seriously underutilized.

Then wow! Why have I been ignoring this?

A recent example – a friend and former Client worked in a corporate environment with a responsible job he did very well. Then came an early retirement and an epiphany…he has a talent for art and loves to paint!

Since retirement, in a very brief amount of time, he has become a successful artist. He paints mostly scenes with much visual appeal, and sells almost every painting he creates.

So what do you do well that you are underutilizing? Perhaps, like my friend, you have an art talent.

Maybe you are good with numbers. Ask the ladies from the film Hidden Figures if you can parlay a talent for math into a successful career.

Maybe you have a talent for getting things done efficiently. There are successful authors out there who make a lot of money sharing their organizational skills. Then I did my own talent analysis. It dawned on me that I’m good at something that I never “marketed”. I have years of experience interviewing people and writing “business profile” text – which takes the form of a reader-focused news release and morphs into a branding-tool flyer for social media, website presentation, and as a handout or an attachment to business letters. In less than two weeks I landed three new interview/profile projects. Who knew?

So think. You know there is a hidden talent within you. Spend some quality time this summer and find it.

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