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Actually they are not. But that book title by popular business author Seth Godin definitely grabs your attention.

He shares input about the importance of understanding people’s worldviews as a means of creating stories that focus on their self-beliefs.

The Collins dictionary defines world view as the way people see and understand the world, especially regarding issues like politics, philosophy or religion.

Let’s face it. People have lots of choices when it comes to products and services. The winners of your business are the companies who offer the most convincing rationale as to why you should deal with them. Why for instance, can Starbucks get $4 or more for a cup of coffee, when if Dunkin Donuts ,whose product quality is just as good, asked for the same price, you would turn and run out of the store. Your worldview tells you that the experience and community of being in Starbucks is worth the extra money.

So what’s your story? What is it based on? Is it constructed to address the worldview of the folks you identify as customers or prospects? In today’s economy, it should.

Example – my story is still producing results with clients after 20 years as a local business. It’s summed up in three two word sentences. We plan. I write. You win. The client and I agree on who the customer is, what he is she is looking for, and the story that will take us to the win in the end. This consumer-centric approach is, in my world view, the only way to attack any marketing task.

Put on your customer’s shoes and try it yourself. It yields a story that will likely lead to a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Happy New Year. Resolve to live life on the advice of Pope Francis – Smile, and keep a good sense of humor.


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