Marketing Morsel - February 2020

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Our January Morsel treated you to some wisdom from the late great BBDO CEO Charlie Brower. Thanks for all the nice feedback!

I promised we would look ahead this time. I can think of no other guide to future marketing expertise than renowned guru Philip Kotler (look him up), to challenge our brains with six thought-provoking questions from his latest book, Kotler on Marketing. Kotler co-authored textbooks I used in college classrooms for almost twenty years. Thinking caps in place? Here you go:

  1. “Has your company prepared for a scenario of how your business will probably look in five years? Which players in the task environment will be helped or hurt by the Information Revolution? Where will your profits be made in the value chain?”
  2. “Has your company prepared a website(s) providing information about your products and company? Are there advantages that will bring repeated viewing?”
  3. “Has your company maximized the ease with which customers and prospects can reach you with inquiries, suggestions and complaints? How fast can you respond?”
  4. “Is your company building a rich database of the names and profiles of prospects/ customers, dealers, and suppliers?”
  5. “Has your company set up an Intranet for company personnel to communicate electronically to communicate with each other and the company’s data banks?”
  6. “Has your company set up Extranets to its major customers, distributors and suppliers?”

Kotler obviously had larger businesses in mind when he put this list together, But follow the logic, It will help your smaller business think bigger – a good thing!


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