Marketing Morsel - February 2017

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Positive brand and brand identity are essential to business success. But the real payoff happens when you nail it on the loyalty scale. You can waste tons of money trying to buy loyalty. But the reality is you have to earn it.

I pursued some self-education on this topic and uncovered five pieces of good advice from a recent edition of Advertising Age, supplemented by my own thoughts:

1. Be a good conversation partner – Listen to what is being said, learn how to act, and be prepared to refine and adjust your communication based on what your customer expects from you.

2. Allow customers to drive the brand conversation – Your brand is actually their gut feeling about who you are and what you do. Listen, take action and stay relevant.

3. Look for ways to make data work better and smarter – Stay on top of what’s really happening. Let the results guide you moving forward.

4. Always add in a layer of analysis – Don’t be afraid to adjust and change if your take on the information dictates that you to do this.

5. Build loyalty to drive revenue but you must consistently look beyond the bottom line – Close attention to what you are told, blended with actual results, is the surefire way to build a solid future for your business. Combine your positive brand with hard earned loyalty and the sky is truly the limit.

Happy Valentines Month. Be loyal to the people who matter most to you and the smiles are guaranteed. Money isn’t everything, is it?

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