Marketing Morsel - December 2021

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Time to wrap up 2021 in a nice bow, and file it away. Before you do, what did you learn from your marketing efforts that will help you focus your thinking for 2022? It must start with the idea of public perception of who you are and what you do. That, to me is the essence of being the gatekeeper of your Brand.

This is an exciting time to sit down with a checklist of “who am I and what to do about it”. The slate is clean when the bologna drops in Lebanon.

I recommend you get a planning checklist together to help you deal with this important basic issue. Here are some categories that work for me.

Put your vision and mission in writing – it takes some work but puts the meaning of your existence in focus. Include your core values too. One of my favorite books on this topic is Built to Last by Jim Collins. Start with that as “homework.”

Talk about your product or service – Why does it exist? Who wants it and why?

Who is the competition – Who does it better, you or them? Out of this may come your competitive advantage, or a goal for improvement.

Create personas – Once you understand the competition, focus on the customer or prospect. Make a connection between your offering and them. For education – google How to Create Personas. Lots of good stuff will appear,

Articulate your brand position – This could be a good exercise for your Board of Directors (with professional help). Start with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and go from there. Google for more direction.

Be like Amazon – They make it their business to be part of your life. Founder Jeff Bezos has an empty chair in every meeting to remind him and his team that the customer is always there, so Amazon can come to the rescue and solve their problem.

Happy Holidays…and Happy Homework. For every suggestion considered, ask yourself, “How does this affect my brand perception?” It is a good way to come out of the gate swinging in 2022, as well as keep your brand essence intact.

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