Marketing Morsel - December 2016

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Holiday Season will be but a memory when a new administration leads our country effective January 20th. Many things will change for sure (keyword: Uncertainty). A recent issue of Ad Age takes a crack at the uncertainty issue. I’ve chosen a marketer-centric approach to share some thoughts of my own.

So let’s do a little “Marketer” December Role play. Get prepared for the immediate future.

Ask yourself…what would I do now if…

  1. I’m a marketing decision maker at a Global Company (names like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Apple come to mind) – The whole issue of trade relations will take on a new meeting. What will this do to affect how I do business? How will these changes affect my brand image in other countries?
  2. I’m an auto industry executive – Ford is already scrapping plans to set up a production line in Mexico that would have cost jobs in Kentucky. But many industry executives believe that the business is economy based and not affected by politics. Keep an eye on this industry.
  3. I own a local business in Central Pennsylvania – Let’s keep our fingers crossed that a new leader with a business background could be a good thing. In the end, factors like the cost of goods will have a bearing on the prices of our goods and services. One thing for sure – run your business like it’s first and foremost in the customer service business and you’ll be just fine.

No matter what the future brings, we should all enjoy a happy, healthy Holiday Season and look forward to a productive and prosperous New Year.


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