Marketing Morsel - August 2021

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I appeared on stage as The Wizard of Oz, seven years ago, so I apologize for the shameless connection to this month’s Marketing Morsel. But the truth is things will never be the same, since the pandemic entered our lives. “Kansas” as we know it may “disappear”, but in reality, we will never conduct our lives the way we look at marketing again.

So, what do we do about it? We scramble for answers.

Renowned research company McKinsey and Company took a hard look at how Covid-19 is changing how we consumers behave in all spheres of life. And it behooves us to pay attention.

We are nesting at home more than ever, so what home comforts do we pay attention to as marketers? Shopping has been redefined as a surging on-line activity. What do we do about that? Not a day goes by that I do not figure out some household need that drives me to Amazon to click and forget, and wait for the post office to do the footwork for me. This takes a toll on local retail, so what do you, the retailer do about it? No answers here, for now just questions.

A year ago, who ever heard of Doordash? And did you ever think you would grocery shop on-line and pick up your order at the curb?

Movie theaters are taking it on the chin, while purveyors of entertainment are knocking themselves out coming up with innovative ways to entertain us at home. And we consume the entertainment more digitally, on our own schedules.

Perhaps you are spending more (or maybe all the time) working from home. What needs are cropping up that did not exist before? What did the word Zoom mean to you a couple of years ago? How much business travel do you do compare to the “old days”?

I just clicked my heels three times. Good thing there is no place like home. We are all spending more time there.

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