Marketing Morsel - April 2019

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One of the key things you need when planning is to have a good “Engage Strategy”.

It’s common sense. Unless you engage the audience in the first place, you won’t get anywhere. So how do you do it? Here are some engagement tips I’ve picked up from my online course Professor David Rogers of Columbia University:

  • Do a product demonstration – A good way to get your customer involved in your product. Rogers uses a case history example. Google L’Oreal Zombie Boy. Watch the YouTube Video for Derma Blend Professional Cover. You won’t forget the product. The video landed over 25 million views with virtually no media budget.
  • Storytelling - People relate to a good story and repeat it to others. It is a brand builder. Check Corning’s website and review the Day Made of Glass video series. This is a great example of stories that create an image of a company steeped in innovation.
  • Utility – Think about content that helps your audience make their lives easier. Hopefully my five plus years of writing Morsels has provided some practical marketing advice.
  • Become a Publisher – If you want to position your business as a “go to” source for industry or lifestyle information, do it through online newsletters or blogs. Rogers uses luxury department store Barney’s as an example. On their website is an online magazine “The Window”. In today’s issue, there is an interesting article about “boot trends”. Of course you can select and buy a pair of fashionable boots when you finish reading.


Your audience is no longer the mass market. They are a dynamic network that has two-way communication capability. How do you market to them? More next time.


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