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This message from 2017 is worth another look...“Happy Holidays!”

Think back to your childhood.

Now think of fond memories that are easily remembered in detail.

Is there a common thread at work? Your first pet? Best friend? Family gatherings?

One of mine is a first job, delivering the Brooklyn Eagle at age 11, in my birthplace, Brooklyn, NY. In retrospect it was an amazing first experience. I became an entrepreneur at an early age, and learned important lessons like Customer Service, Money Management, Sales Techniques, and New Business Development. Many decades later I still apply these skills in my professional life.

I also find that recollections based on my lifelong love of the game of baseball trigger very detailed memories. Many emotions rise to the surface time and time again when the thought process kicks into something based on passion.

Of the twelve months of the year, few of them offer you the opportunity to do a little self-promotion than November.

There are reasons galore to do simple and effective promotional “extras” to boost your sales or your brand image this month.

Let’s start with Veteran’s Day on November 11th. Think about honoring our veterans all month with discounts if you are in the business of selling products or services. Or do something as simple as running a Facebook message asking people to stop and say a little prayer of thanks for the unselfish men and women who have given up a time in their lives to protect our freedom.

And if you know a business is “veteran owned”…give them at least a “thank you for your service” attaboy.

Thanksgiving is coming on November 24th. Be thankful for what you have and do something to help someone or a family who are less fortunate. Contact a charity like Lebanon County Christian Ministries or the Lebanon Rescue Mission. Donate so some of their clients can have a happy Thanksgiving too. You might even volunteer.

I have been “doing what I do” since I clutched my diploma in 1960 at Ithaca College. And 62 years later I am still “doing it” …Interacting with clients, planning, writing, managing projects. The fire to produce results still burns.

But. recently, something happened for the first time in all these 62 years that I cannot explain. I committed to representing a client at an important event, and completely forgot to show up. How did that happen? No explanation. No excuses. I just forgot, starting with not putting it on my calendar! No shifting of blame. That’s the way I explained it to the Client, who graciously accepted my apology. Lesson – build trusting relationships with the people you work with. And be honest above all else. Don’t ever "pass the buck" and "shift the blame". We are all human.

I look upon this one-time stumble as a learning opportunity. It is always a good idea to take the time to review how you get organized for marketing, PR, Advertising and Promotion work. It can become easy to take your eye off the ball if you don’t stay organized and focused.

I have been a subscriber of industry journal AdAge Magazine since I was a rookie “Mad Men era” Guy in the early 1960’s at BBDO in Buffalo, NY. AdAge is still alive today, and there is always a chance you can learn something new.

Example – there is a nice two-page spread in the September 19th issue about one of my favorite topics, brand, and brand loyalty. The article is authored by a bright young woman named Paige O’Neill, CMO of Sitecore, an AdAge publishing partner.

Times are tougher these days. Research shows that consumers are more “transactional”, easily swayed from brand loyalty by pricing. But companies fighting for brand loyalty still have a reasonable chance if they pay attention to actions that relate to the values that connect consumers to you and your business.

Which brings us to our headline words…


Present yourself in a manner that involves empathy, understanding and representation of consumer beliefs. Eight of ten consumers polled say brands build stronger relationships with consumers through actions that exemplify sympathy and understanding.

I try to keep up with the work of several  experts in my field, whose wisdom hits home when it comes to how you do what you do and stand out in the process. The simpler the starting point the better.

In a recent blog, Marketing Guru Seth Godin put a spotlight on two things that are essential to marketing. He focused on two weapons in our arsenal – tools and resources. This month, I am using these two key words to share some of my own thinking.

It used to be that your toolbox had a limited number of ingredients – ads, commercials, direct mail, outdoor, etc. Now, add “Digital” to “Marketing Tools” and off to the races we go. You cannot master everything, so review what is available and get comfortable with the combination that helps you solve your customer’s problem to the fullest. For effectiveness, find the tool that helps you engage the customer better than others. I have success with email marketing for instance…you are reading this Morsel, aren’t you?

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