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In my quest to stay on top of my profession, I keep my antennae up to better understand how people think and behave when faced with decisions about what products and services they want to include in their lives.

One thing that works for me is to seek out new thinking when it comes to understanding how to address consumers with marketing messages by segmenting them behaviorally (As opposed to categorizing them broadly as demographic or geographic segments).

I found such thinking in an article by Kellie Cummings published on a website I like, She calls this approach mindset segmentation.

Ms. Cummings recognizes that human emotions can influence your customer communications. Ask yourself if your messages are met with distrust (Neutralize this mindset with honest and open communication); technology barriers (People want to interact with other people. Build the invitation to dialogue into your messaging); and use of research (Which assures better communication of the value you deliver, as opposed to promoting functional benefits. The value focus gets better results).

To achieve mindset segmentation, you as a marketer should keep consumer attributes top of mind. Beliefs (Are your brand values aligned with customer beliefs?); Hopes and Fears (You must instill trust in your customers); Emotional Needs (People strive for security and self-esteem. How does your message trigger those responses?); Expectations (Try to engender satisfaction and confidence in your business); Brand Perceptions (try to create a match of your brand with a positive impact on your customer’s self-image and sense of dignity)

One word summary to this approach - LISTEN. (My own conclusion).

Wishing you a good business growing season!


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