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Like many of us in late September, I took the time to listen to Pope Francis as he experienced a wonderful week in the USA.

I was particularly stuck by his message on the power of doing “the little things” to make relationships special. The lesson was primarily directed at families, but in a real sense it applies to how we all conduct ourselves in the business environment.

“Little Gestures” can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure, but the trick is to not work at it.

All businesses are in the “customer service business” first and foremost. And the “little things” we do must be from the heart, with no strings attached.

I remember ruining a young boy’s prized hockey poster when the laminator in my Mail Box Etc. store in North Carolina failed. I asked the boy and his mother to give me a week.

I contacted the NHL, found out the printer of the poster and ordered two identical copies (just in case). I ran the new poster through the laminator. It was perfect. Once I gave them the new posters (no charge), the mother and son became Town Criers, promoting my business to everyone they knew. Publicity was not my intention (just solving a problem).

Thank you Holy Father, for sharing this life/business lesson. Live your business life as a listener, dear reader. Work at doing the best you can at putting your feet in the customer’s shoes and creating little surprises from the heart.

Pope Francis is a great role model for us all. Little things do mean a lot when it comes to carving out business success.

Start with an attitude, not an objective.

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